Expat Resources

I am well aware that there may be other expats reading my blog. Well, you’re in luck because this page is for you.

I am compiling a list of resources available to people not only in Korea, but all over the world to find their favorite comfort items. This is a list in progress, and is by no means a finished work! I will add to the list each time I find another valuable resource.

Overstock.com-Who doesn’t like a clearance sale? I’m proud to introduce this website to you…chalk full of clearance and overstock items. It’s a megastore of all sorts of items: home furnishing, clothing, accessories, electronics and more. From what I can tell, the shipping seems remarkably reasonable.

<<Korea Only>>
Gmarket-If you have not heard of Gmarket yet and you’ve lived in Korea for more than a month, shame on you. This site is gold. It’s an ‘ebay’ of sorts, individual sellers sell individual things. If you’re looking for one thing in particular and are having problems finding it, chances are Gmarket has it. I’ve ordered countless items and it’s usually free shipping! I put this under the ‘Korean Only’ category, although I do believe they ship internationally.

Iherb-An organic food mega-shop, where you can find not only baking items, but vitamins and supplements, bath and beauty items, and fitness formulas. Shipping is dirt cheap too! (Sorry WordPress doesn’t seem to like to link that site, but it’s http://www.iherb.com )

<<Korea only>>
EZ Shop Korea-An online store that sells many ‘foreign’ items, most of them are featured from Costco. Great quality, super quick shipping! The prices aren’t bad either for ‘Korean’ foreign food pricing!

American Eagle-My absolute favorite clothing store. All items are true to size, and come in great condition. The shipping is surprisingly fast, items can come in less than four days! Flat $50 dollar rate shipping on all items.

Victoria’s Secret-Ok lets face it ladies (and gentlemen I guess as well), it’s no small secret that foreigners easily match up to Asian and other countries’ clothing sizes. Especially in the undergarment section. Well, I’m hear to help you. Trusty ol’ Vickie’s ships internationally! You’re looking at about 25-50 dollar shipping…$50 dollars is if you spend more than $350 in items. Be on the look out for their semi-annual sale, it happens twice a year. January and Juneish I believe.

Urbanog-Pretty much the most amazing site if you’re looking for shoes…namely boots. I can’t help but drool every time I check out their new selection of fall boots. *sigh* This site also has quite a few other items: Shirts, pants, swimwear, you name it. But it’s strong point is the boots for sure. Be careful though, they sell out fast (probably because they’re so cheap)! The shipping charge runs on how much you spend. About $150 dollars worth of merch. is going to cost you about $50 in shipping.

Pink Chalk Fabrics-Are you looking for some modern prints? Are you looking for a fabric store that ships internationally? Look no further. Pink Chalk has some of the cutest prints I’ve seen, and dirt cheap shipping prices!

Hawthorne Threads-A fantastic place to buy fabric, they’ve got loads and loads of different colors, patterns, threads. Flat rate shipping internationally! Whoop Whoop!

Etsy-This site is pretty much the cutest, craftiest, cleverest site a person could ever lay their eyes on. You can find all sorts of handmade and vintage items for sale…as well as sell your own! Most sellers ship internationally, they will specify if they do not.

Songza-If you’re like me you’ve been having withdrawals from your favorite online music player-Pandora. Look no further. Even if you still live in the US, Songza will win you over. It’s the sweetest music player app I’ve ever experienced giving you categories such as “Looking at pictures of my ex,” and “Thinking about quitting my job.” Um…how sweet is that?!
[DISCLAIMER] For some reason I can get this app to work perfectly on my smartphone, but have not been able to successfully get it to work on my laptop. It says the app is restricted to the US and CA only. Why then is it working on my iPhone?! I hope it works for you!

Jango-A second radio app that you can download on your smartphone, or play on your computer! Derik prefers this one, I prefer Songza. It’s up to you to figure out what you like! Give them both a try. I’ve used this app in Japan, Vietnam, and South Korea.


3 thoughts on “Expat Resources

  1. Great idea! I didn’t know AE had flat rate shipping, the girls (my daughters) will be ecstatic, they love that store. Looking forward to checking out the fabric link, a huge high 5 for this one. You may want to check out Amazon.com as they have fast shipping as well. We love great bargains and clothes here in China for the most part are pretty cheap; however, the clothing is tiny. A large shirt is maybe a Medium U.S., that’s a big maybe. We can’t find 34 inseam pants for my husband so those all come from the U.S. small price to pay for the great adventure we are currently on. Thanks for stopping by Still Times which has led me to your blog. Looking forward to reading about your adventure as well.


    • YES! I love American Eagle. I’ve already ordered three times from them in the 8 months I’ve been here. They have size 34 inseam for your husband…if he wanted to check it out! My husband is also tall (6’4″) and it’s about the same…can’t find anything to fit him here!! I will continue to update this page…I only had a short time to write that post. Thanks for stopping by, I love reading your blog as well. :)

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