Things Kids Say…

Being around kids my whole life, you learn that they say what they want, when they want. They are unfiltered most of the time, and can come up with some pretty awesome concepts, theories, stories, and sayings. This part of the blog is dedicated to the funny interactions we may experience on a daily basis.

FEBRUARY 13, 2013:(I Know Why)

I have this kid in one of my classes. His name is David. He’s super smart, and always has a mischievous look in his eyes. Lately he’s been wanting to answer most of my questions by loudly exclaiming, “I KNOW, I KNOW,” instead of politely raising his hand.
The other day we were learning about a butterfly’s life cycle. Halfway through the lesson David’s hand shot up in the air. After ‘allowing’ him to speak he said: “Teacher! I know why it’s called a butterfly! It’s because it’s wings look like ‘B’s’.”
I told him he was correct.

SEPTEMBER 6, 2012:(Perms and Manicures)

I know all I ever seem to talk about is my Kindi kids. They’re by far my favorite, yet most challenging students to teach. Especially my little ones. This is their first year of English, so everything is new to them. They try to communicate with me, I try to communicate with them. Sometimes we fail miserably. These students are so innocent. So loving. I get a kick out of them and what they say, even of there is a language barrier.
How they look is a whole different story. Sometimes they come in still dressed in their pajamas (must have been dads day to take them to school), sometimes they’re dressed to the nines with Gucci dresses and Prada shoes.
But that’s not what has drawn the most attention to me. It’s their hair and nails. I know I haven’t been to many countries, but this one is obsessed with perms, colors, manicures. It’s not just the girls either. I have more boys that go to this school with perms and color treated hair than I do girls! This is 3-6 year old hair mind you. One of my littlest girls came to school the other day with a full out fro. No joke.
Boys, especially the kindis, love getting their nails painted just like the girls. I had a ten year old though, who came in the other day, with gold and black ‘crackle’ nails. Sigh.
How do I tell a 5 year old that pink and purple nail polish is for girls?
Kevin, one of my favorite kindi students came in the other day proudly waving his nails in front of me. “Teacher, Teacher, look! Manicure.” I wanted to be excited for him… But my mind was still trying to wrap around the fact that boys his age back home are more concerned about playing in the dirt, squishing bugs, and building forts than they are to ever sit still enough for a ‘pink’ manicure! Yikes. Kevin, thanks for making me smile, and being ever so patient with me while I took your picture. You are so goofy and cute…there’s no way I can dislike you for wanting pink fingernails. :)

Kevin showing me his pink fingernails…

AUGUST 7, 2012: (Mustache Tuesday)

The thing about kids…they’re so spontaneous. The class began like every other class, me drawing crazy pictures on the whiteboard. Then, the kids started asking for pictures on their hands…and so on and so forth. Before we knew it we had mustaches on our fingers…and were running around the class giggling and laughing at each other. I had so much fun with my first kindi class, I decided to introduce the idea to the rest of my kindi classes. The results below. :)

JUNE 20, 2012:
Sympathy sickness

Today I woke up sick. My throat is super tight, my nose is plugged and my eyes are super itchy.

I was dealing with it in class… But not doing very well to hide it. I was constantly blowing my nose, and rubbing my right eye…until, per my children, my eye was very, very red.

During my second kindi class one of my girls started rubbing her eye. She did this for about ten minutes… Then came over and asked for a Kleenex. She then proceeded to blow her nose, and try to run her eye for a few minutes… Only to realize it was not very fun. She then stopped ‘being sick’ and got back to her school work.

It was pretty cute, because she never said a thing about being sick, she was just copying me. :)

Although today hasn’t been fun, her little ‘act-of-sympathy’ put a smile on my face.

JUNE 8, 2012:

The last month I’ve noticed my kindi students have been competing when they answer my questions. They always try to have the longest answer, even if it only means saying one ’emphasis’ word over and over again. Everyday I ask my students how they are feeling. They have gotten into a nasty habit of saying, ” I’m very, very, very, very, very… … … good/happy/angry. They quite willingly go on for minutes repeating the word ‘very.’ Then the next student, of course, wants to beat the last. It was getting annoying, so the other day, before they could answer my question, I told them, “Only one ‘very’ from now on.” They got what I was saying and moved on.No problems for the last few days.

Today, Tim came in, and I asked how he was. I could tell he was thinking for a bit (I was almost positive I was going to have another exponential ‘very’ day…), and then he said, “I am…very, ONE ‘very’ teacher, happy.


APRIL 27, 2012:

Today in one of my kindi classes my students were cutting out flashcards to paste in a section of their book. For my students…it’s very important you cut very ‘neatly,’ so it was taking them a while with the activity. It was strangely quiet in the classroom which is a rarity. I was rather enjoying the moment, sipping on my coffee… When one of my little boys bursts out in a ballad of Korean ‘Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.’ Trust me, after the first verse was repeated 5 times… I found the ‘cheery christmas tune’ was just as annoying as the English version. :)

APRIL 16, 2012:

The other day I was beginning my third kindi class filled with 6 year olds (4 year olds american age). As soon as I walked into the room Anna pipped up, “I love you Amanda Teacher!” She ran up to me and gave me a huge hug. Then, to my surprise, Aimee…whom I can’t ever get a word out of, blurts out, “I love you too!” I graciously thank both of the girls. Not to be outdone, Anna speaks up again, “I love you more!” This turns into a battle between my kindi students as to who loves me the most. Yes I know they were arguing…but how can I be upset or have them stop when they’re pledging love to me? Tim, who has been really quiet during this whole ordeal, finally ends things with yelling, “Amanda Teacher! I love….the walls!” Crazy kid.

MARCH 12, 2012:

Today I met the sweetest little boy. He’s a new Kindi student of mine in my youngest class. My 5 year old students come to that class without a name or knowing any English. I wrote about 10 boys names on the whiteboard for him to chose… And he walked away with Henry. I knew there was something special to this little five year old wearing a bright blue puffy coat the second he walked in. I didnt know his plans involved melting my heart today, and maybe he didn’t either. From the moment he sat down he repeated every word I said in the lesson, with as much sincerity as a little one could have. He even repeated my “ooohs” and “great jobs” as they colored their pictures for today’s lesson. He’s the cutest little guy with the sweetest little voice. I can’t wait to see him tomorrow.

FEBRUARY 20, 2012:

Today I was sitting in on a class (my training) of 6-7 year olds. They were introducing themselves one by one, and were allowed to ask me questions. At one point I was asked where I was from, and I told them I was from America. One little girl immediately sat straight up, basically jumping up and down in her seat, then exclaimed, “My uncle is in America! Have you seen him?! Have you talked to him? You’ve met him right?”

Not wanting to crush her little spirit I replied, “Maybe I’ve seen your Uncle I’m not sure what he looks like though.”

She didn’t really know what to say back, and soon the subject was changed. I could tell she was thinking, and trying to figure out how I would have recognized him. After about a minute passed, she looked right at me and stated, “Oh! He has black hair…”

:) I love kids.


4 thoughts on “Things Kids Say…

  1. I really felt those stories in my heart. So precious. Thank you for sharing them with us, Keep writing Amanda. These entries will be a precious compilation of stories for you to share with your own children and grandchildren in decades to come. You will enjoy reliving the memories, too. God bless you and Derek as you live this dream.

  2. I love the stories too, Amanda! It was like being right there with you when you were sharing about “Henry.” How precious! I had tears in my eyes- what a dear! How good God is- and such joy you both must be having! I’m so glad and happy for you and Derik!

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